Integra Boost 8g 62% Humidity Pack

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Integra BOOST 2-Way Humidity Control Packs - 8g 62%

Too much moisture can mean mold or damp herb, while too little can lead to overdrying, crispy flowers, and harsh smoke. Rehydrate your flowers and herbal medicine, and keep cigars and pantry items fresh and free from mold and rot with Integra BOOST 2-way humidity controller. It offers a safe, simple, and effective solution for creating a balanced environment your products need to thrive.

HUMIDITY REGULATOR: Responds and adapts to the surroundings by either absorbing or releasing moisture for an ideal, balanced environment for food, medicine, tobacco, or flowers
PRESERVES PRODUCT: Salt-free, and spill- and tear-resistant packs preserve the freshness, taste, flavor, and aroma, and extend the shelf life of the product
HANDS-FREE MONITORING: Replace the packet when the dot in the included replacement-indicator card turns blue
ENVIRONMENT-FRIENDLY: Plant-based, FDA-compliant, non-toxic, and eco-friendly humidity controllers are printed using food-grade ink and safe for direct contact
HUMIDITY HARMONY: Say goodbye to too wet and too dry; at Integra, we've got you covered with our smart, simple, expertly engineered packages, strips, and buckets, because your favorite things deserve nothing less than just right

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